Introduction to the Cannabis Industry

This survey course from the Plantific is an entry point to the cannabis industry at large and sets the foundation for continued learning about cannabis.

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What you'll learn?

We will provide a comprehensive and detailed course, extensive listings of required reading and research areas to encourage and guide learners to explore at depth the past, current and future aspects of the international legal medical cannabis industry.

This course is delivered by e-Learning and consists of 6 modules.

  • What is cannabis? 2 hours

    In this first module, we will take a close look at the cannabis plant itself and how one might come across it in various parts of the world.

    • How is cannabis classified in plant biology?
    • What are the different parts of the plant?
    • What forms does cannabis take in the current marketplace?
  • How are cannabis and cannabis products produced? 2 hours

    In this second Module, we will explore the processes by which cannabis goes from seed to plant to finalised end product.  

    • How is cannabis grown?
    • How are cannabis concentrates produced?
    • How is cannabis tested and analysed?
  • How does cannabis affect the body? 2 hours

    In this third Module, we will explore the most important pharmacological effects of cannabis.

    • How does the body process cannabis?
    • Can cannabis be used to treat medical conditions?
    • How can cannabis be harmful to the body?
  • What are hemp and CBD? 2 hours

    In this forth Module, you’ll get a better understanding of this important and popular part of the cannabis industry.

    • What makes hemp different?
    • What are the uses of hemp and CBD?
    • How are hemp and CBD regulated?
  • How is cannabis regulated? 2 hours

    In this module, we will take a close look at the regulations throughout the history of cannabis.

    • How has cannabis been handled in the past?
    • What does current medical regulation look like?
    • What does current adult use regulation look like?
  • What is the cannabis industry like? 1 hour

    In this final module, we will review concepts from Modules 1–5 and step back to look at the industry at large.

12 hours
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Who is this course for?

Any individual or team that’s interested in learning about cannabis and plant sciences.

What are the entry criteria?

You just need to have a good command of the English language.

How do I pay for my course?

We accept all major credit/debit cards.

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