Understanding plants: The fundamentals of plant biology

  • Group Copy 5 7 modules
  • 14 hours
  • £399
The Fundamentals of Plant Biology

Course overview

A comprehensive online course designed to provide a thorough understanding of plant biology. This course covers the basic principles of plant science, including plant anatomy, physiology, genetics, and ecology. Designed for students, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field of plant sciences, the course progresses from basic concepts to more advanced topics, providing a solid foundation in plant biology and its applications.

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to plant biology
  • Plant anatomy
  • Plant Physiology
  • Plant genetics
  • Plant ecology
  • Applications of plant biology
  • Current research and future directions

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, you should have acquired the necessary knowledge which will enable you to:

  • Understand the basic principles and concepts of plant biology.
  • Identify and describe the major anatomical structures of plants and their functions.
  • Analyse the physiological processes that occur in plants.
  • Evaluate the principles of plant genetics and their applications.
  • Assess the ecological interactions and adaptations of plants.
  • Discuss the importance of plants in ecosystems and human life.
  • Apply knowledge of plant biology in research, agriculture, and conservation.

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