Our Vision

Developing innovative solutions at the nexus of plant science and education technology.

Drastic global changes in human health, the environment, food security and economic fortunes have already started to impact our day-to-day lives. In the midst of a global pandemic, education as we know it will only continue to evolve.

This pushes us at the Plantific BioEdTech Hub to reach the highest possible standards in education and to develop innovative solutions at the service of tomorrow’s plant science, medical and legal industry. Our philosophy, diverse management and professional tutors are transforming the legal framework by designing new educational resources and advancing the development of existing biotech, biopharma and international trading companies.


Building upon the feedback from our students, tutors and clients and learning from the delivery of our initial course structure, we are in an excellent position to determine the key opportunities for further development of our technology-enhanced educational resources. Our team continues to develop the platform to embrace content from other providers, establishing a robust cannabis-related skills training educational resource.

Clinical Trials

Since the Plantific is specifically designed to advance the plant science and medical cannabis industry, we have a responsibility to invest in opportunities that empower education, specifically by raising awareness about the importance of clinical trials.

Clinical trials are key to discovering new treatments for diseases, as well as detecting new ways to diagnose and reduce the chance of developing diseases. Only through more clinical trials will cannabis science be able to advance worldwide, but they require significant funding, which is why the Plantific will donate to clinical trials, cancer research, research organisations and fundraising events. 

Giving Back

Our management team and advisory board are committed to the mission of increasing access to quality education, promoting continuous professional development and exercising corporate social responsibility. In addition to our investments in R&D, the Plantific offers financial aid to at-need learners seeking coursework, certificates and diplomas who cannot afford them.

The Plantific team works mostly all remotely, offering excellent work-life balance and a flexible schedule, as well as an open-door policy to the CEO that is circular and managed by consensus.

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