Technology and Innovation

Today's learners are growing up in a vastly different world from their parents.

New digital technologies increasingly affect educational systems at all levels, providing an essential and increasing role in delivering quality education to learners globally across emerging industries.

Understanding the profound effects of these technological innovations on learners, teachers, and organisations enables us to develop our educational strategies and review our delivery methods.

Our goal is to ensure our learners obtain the same level of competency and skills that they would have achieved through face-to-face classes.

Right now, our team of educators, engineers and designers are developing digital advancements for education that will transform the industry.

To develop truly immersive learning experiences, our team are prototyping solutions within Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) environments. Additionally, we are exploring the potential of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) based formative assessment systems.

Plantific’s mission is to create and support an educational innovation ecosystem where stakeholders from the public, commercial, and academic sectors may collaborate effectively to generate and scale up new opportunities in digital education provision.

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