Plantific provides tailored courses to our university partners - expanding their existing online offerings and enabling them to reach previously untapped groups of learners.

Plantific is expanding initiatives in the UK and internationally with leading universities to provide a new class of learning content for the rapidly developing plant sciences sector while forging innovative revenue diversification opportunities in partnership with higher education establishments.

Collaborative course development with Plantific allows for global distribution of the latest educational solutions across our platform to our international clients and learners.

Plantific offers turnkey service solutions, including marketing, student acquisition, student support, employment placements, apprenticeships, and career services. Plantific is also integrated into the UK Government Gateway for ongoing apprenticeship management.

With a robust accreditation regime and focus on providing best in class e-learning solutions Plantific delivers a personalised and adaptive student experience, employer-informed and focussed content, and a flexible technology-led approach that enables quality teaching at scale across all life stages and geographies.

For further information on our collaborative pathways for universities please email us at [email protected]

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